18-Story Luxury Apartment Building in Downtown St. Louis, MO

The Problem:

18-story Luxury Apartment Restoration by Woodard

On December 10, 2015 at 1:30pm, a representative from the construction management company responsible for this apartment building called one of our project managers directly because a busted HVAC pump in a 9th floor unit flooded down to the 1st floor. Our crews arrived on the scene to mitigate the problem within the hour, but we were called again the next morning at 5:53am by the same contact saying he needed a “small army” because that same 9th floor unit flooded again and worse than before, sending water into adjacent units on either side of it and down through the 1st floor. On the same day on the north side of the building, a unit on the 12th floor also had an HVAC pump failure, flooding down to the 8th floor, and the next day, another pump failed on the east side of the building on the 16th floor, flooding down to the 8th. These major HVAC pump failures led to around 60 units affected, all needing Woodard manpower to extract water, dry out structures, and clean facility.

The Solution:

Our crews were on-site within an hour of the first call and worked around the clock for over two straight weeks to get this facility back to business.  Our IICRC-certified technicians cut out wet drywall to place industrial air movers in wall cavities to expedite the drying process and then placed dehumidifiers around the all affected units to pull excess moisture from the air. We were challenged by the building’s walls having double, triple, and quadruple layers of drywall that led to multiple configurations to get through them, but ultimately succeeded in doing so. Further, we made a special containment system in the exercise room in order to protect all equipment from damage.  We were working from the 16th floor down to the 1st floor, and the only method of transportation for us was by elevator which made the process a bit more difficult, but we were able to complete the mitigation of this apartment building.

18-story Apartment Restoration by Woodard


We have done restoration consultation work for this construction management company in the past, which is what led them to call us when their water emergency occurred on December 10th, 2015. They were immensely pleased with our quick response and our endless dedication to resolving their issues quickly and efficiently. We are now their go-to resource for restoration services and are very happy we were able to help.