Kirkwood, MO Home Affected by Mold and Treated with nVIRO Shield™

Kirkwood, MO Home Affected by Mold and Treated with nVIRO Shield

The Problem: A Kirkwood home was damaged due to a tree falling through the roof above an upstairs bedroom. The homeowner hired a contractor to repair the damages and due to the length of this project, mold developed throughout the entire home. The hole had not been properly secured, therefore allowing additional moisture to enter the premise and expedite the mold growth process. Woodard was brought in by the homeowner’s insurance adjuster to secure the premise effectively and completely remediate the mold problem.

The Solution: After an extensive remediation process, Woodard brought in the nVIRO Shield™ system to spray the entire home in an effort to treat and protect the home against any further mold growth. The nVIRO Shield™ system uses EPA-approved products and an electrostatic mister applicator to spray disinfecting molecules onto infected surfaces, kill bacteria in a matter of minutes, and shield surfaces from additional growth for up to 3 months. This system was sprayed within only a few hours by one technician, minimizing labor costs.

Summary: Woodard’s expert mitigation crew worked to completely remove all mold from this house as quickly and efficiently as possible, and all areas treated by the nVIRO Shield™ system received passing scores from the industrial hygienist tests run after the job was complete. Through the work of our restoration team and our new, revolutionary way of cleaning, we were able to get this family back to their lives!