Wrestling Room – St. Louis County, MO

Wrestling Room treated by nVIRO ShieldThe Problem: High school athletic staff can be challenged by the growth and spread of bacteria, viruses, and fungus in their weight rooms, locker rooms, and practice and competition areas.  Wrestling mats specifically are well known for this.  We were able to work with a local high school wrestling coach to apply nVIRO Shield™ in his team’s practice room as a way to help reduce the growth and spread of pathogens common among wrestlers that cause skin infections such as ringworm, herpes, and impetigo, along with strep and staph infections.

The Solution: On March 17, 2016, our trained applicator sprayed the entire wrestling room with the green and yellow nVIRO Shield™ products right after practice ended. It only took 20 minutes to spray and treat the entire practice room, as the process itself is very efficient.  Our applicator swabbed a few key areas in the wrestling room before he sprayed as well as after, and the test results came back with decreased bacteria counts, even minutes after spraying! We were quite pleased with this news, but even more pleased when we swabbed the room again 60 days after spraying. nVIRO Shield Wrestling Room treatmentThis time, we swabbed 20 minutes after practice ended, and then swabbed again 25 minutes later. The results this time were astounding! In that 25-minute gap, bacteria results decreased even further! This is due to the photocatalytic nature of the nVIRO Shield™ products and how they react to light hitting the treated surfaces. The yellow product is our “quick-hit” sanitizer, killing organisms within minutes after contact. Our green product does the same thing, but it provides the long-lasting shield protection, reactivating every time the light hits it.

Summary: The results of this application are astounding, and discussions around a 3-month treatment plan are the logical next steps to continue this long-lasting and constant protection for the team. We are extremely proud to offer this revolutionary new product. Not only can we protect the environment from bacteria growth, but protecting the individuals who spend time in these environments is extremely important to us. Along with your standard cleaning practices, nVIRO Shield™ adds another layer of protection in your plan for keeping your facility cleaner and more pathogen free.