Hurricane Harvey Flood Safety Tips

This past weekend, Tropical Storm Harvey strengthened into a Category 4 hurricane impacting parts of Texas including Corpus Christi, Austin, and San Antonio. A majority of the cities in the hurricane's path were ordered to evacuate prior to the storm's arrival. As rain continues to fall in Texas and parts of Louisiana, we encourage you to review these flooding safety tips to ensure your safety when affected by flood waters:

  • Turn Around, Don’t Drown! – We strongly encourage you to NOT drive over a flooded road as it can be difficult to tell how deep the water is or how strong the current. 1 foot of water can cause a vehicle to float, and 2 feet can carry away vehicles (including SUVs and trucks).
  • Avoid walking through flooded waters – As mentioned before, it is difficult to see how deep the water is. Rushing flood water as low as 6” can easily knock you off your feet into the rushing water.
  • If there is a chance of flash flooding occurring in your area, immediately move to higher ground.
  • If you are in your car when floodwaters begin to rise, do not abandon your car and enter moving water. Only abandon your car if the rising floodwaters are not moving.
  • Flood Watch – When you hear that your area is under a flood watch, this means to be aware of the potential for flooding to occur in your area. Pay close attention to the TV or radio for weather and emergency updates.
  • Flood Warning – Flood warning means take immediate action and flooding is either happening in your area or will be shortly. Move immediately to higher ground.
  • Keep children away from flooded areas or fast moving water.

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