Have You Experienced an Unexpected Water Loss?

What happens when your 84 & 86 year old grandparents go down to their fully finished basement only to find sopping wet carpet in their office and bathroom? Luckily for mine, they know I work for Woodard so they called me immediately asking for help.

Being the knowledgeable Woodard employee that I am, I started by asking my Granny if they had a plumber come to clear their lines, because she said the water came from their sewer drain. (Note: This is the first step to Woodard being able to engage, as we must ensure that the source of the water has been fixed so there’s no risk for more water to impact the area while our crews are trying to dry it out.) To my surprise, she said that the plumber had just left and all the lines were clear. So, I followed proper protocol by calling Woodard’s main phone #, talking to my coworker in charge of dispatching crews, and requesting a crew to pay a visit the following morning, if possible. Thankfully, there was an available crew to arrive around 9am to help my grandparents get back to their lives! I called my Granny back, assured her they would be taken care of, and she thanked me profusely for my help. I hadn’t done much, but I was happy to be able to guide them in the right direction.

I packed up my toddler the next morning and we headed to my grandparents’ house. I wanted to be there for at least the initial conversations, just so I could interpret anything they were confused about and to bring them some added comfort. When I arrived, our crew chief and his associate had already shown up, explained the process to my grandparents, assessed the damage, and gotten to work! My grandparents seemed to fully understand what was going to happen, so I just spent my time visiting with them and playing with my daughter. I did check in with the crews every once in a while to make sure they didn’t need anything or have any questions, but I was constantly reassured that they were fine. I decided to do some due diligence in taking the occasional photo, since I am in our Marketing department, after all!

My grandparents were pleased with the work this initial cleanup crew did, which is really a very standard water job – they sucked up all standing water, removed and disposed of all wet carpet and pad since it was impacted by dirty, contaminated sewer water, removed some drywall that was also wet and slightly moldy, sanitized the environment, and placed fans to continue drying after their departure. The next step of the restoration process will be to rip out the remainder of their carpet since it cannot be matched (Hallelujah! Be gone, dreaded green fibers!), lay down new flooring, patch the drywall that was removed, and lay new wallpaper over the affected wall.

They were equally happy to meet with their Project Manager, Matt, who further explained how the second part of the restoration process would go, assured them that our team would help with the insurance claim and payment process, and promised to get their basement back to normal as soon as possible.

I specifically chose not to make any special requests of Woodard when it came to addressing my grandparents’ water issue. I wanted to take them through the standard process, because I had faith that it would go beautifully no matter what, and it did. I love watching our team at work. The ease they bring to the situation and the comfort they instill in our customers during a time of crisis is unmatched. Thank you, Woodard team, for making me proud!



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