Working with Woodard – Goldkamp Heating & Cooling

Over 70 years ago Woodard started as a carpet cleaning company, and now we offer full-scale restoration and construction services. Our construction team is a dynamic group that can update fixtures or rebuild your home after a fire or water loss. In order to be able to rebuild your home completely, we call in a little help from our subcontractors from time to time. One company we often bring in to assist us is Goldkamp Heating & Cooling.

Goldkamp Heating & Cooling has been in business for 29 years and has partnered with Woodard for 27 of those years. The company specializes in replacement furnaces, central air conditioners, air filters, and fireplaces. Goldkamp Heating & Cooling is also able to restore fire-damaged heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Woodard had the opportunity to speak with Matt Goldkamp, CEO/Owner of Goldkamp Heating & Cooling to ask him a few questions about our partnership over the years:

Woodard: How long have you worked with Woodard as a subcontractor?

Goldkamp Heating & Cooling: 27 years

Woodard: Why did you choose to work with us initially?

Goldkamp Heating & Cooling: Woodard has a good reputation and they do good work. We have enjoyed working with many of the project managers and employees over the years.

Woodard: What keeps you working with Woodard?

Goldkamp Heating & Cooling: We enjoy the high standards and integrity with which Woodard conducts business.

Woodard: Do you have a memorable story or experience you could share since working with Woodard?

Goldkamp Heating & Cooling: One memory was when our duct cleaner accidentally sucked up the customer’s cat into the duct cleaning truck.

Woodard: Do you have any additional comments?

Goldkamp Heating & Cooling: I’ve been friends with Charlie and his wife for many years and I appreciate everything they’ve done for our company in the past 27 years.

Thank you, Goldkamp Heating & Cooling, for being a subcontractor that we can trust to always provide top quality work to our customers!

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