Working with Woodard – Midwest Kitchen & Bath

Over 70 years ago Woodard started as a cleaning company, and now we offer full-service restoration and construction. Our construction team is a dynamic group that can update fixtures or rebuild your home after a fire or water loss. In order to be able to rebuild your home successfully, we sometimes call in a little help from our subcontractors. One company we often bring in to assist us is Midwest Kitchen & Bath.

Midwest Kitchen & Bath opened in 1996 and just celebrated their 20th anniversary. Recently, Woodard had the opportunity to speak with Rudi Cignetti from Midwest Kitchen & Bath to ask him a few questions about the partnership:

Woodard: How long have you been working with Woodard as a subcontractor?

Midwest Kitchen & Bath: I have been working with Woodard for 8 years.

Woodard: Why did you want to work with us?

Midwest Kitchen & Bath: I wanted to work with Woodard because I knew them to be a reputable company with a long history of serving the St. Louis area.

Woodard: What keeps you working with Woodard?

Midwest Kitchen & Bath: I hope to continue working with Woodard as I have developed an amazing work relationship with the project managers and carpenters.  Their years of experience show in the quality of workmanship and dedication and service to those they serve.

Woodard: Do you have a memorable story or experience you can share from working with Woodard?

Midwest Kitchen & Bath: I think it's wonderful that I recognize so many familiar Woodard faces from our days as teenagers working at Six Flags.

Woodard: Any additional comments?

Midwest Kitchen & Bath: My company benefits from working with Woodard in many ways.  The client referrals continue to increase our annual sales, the Project Managers provide well-organized information to ensure a smooth process from proposal to delivery, and the quality and consistency of the work reflects well not only on our product and design but on our company as a whole.

Thank you Midwest Kitchen & Bath for being a subcontractor that we know will always provide us with quality work that we can trust and depend on!

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