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When it comes to dealing with fire damage to your home or business, there’s no such thing as a “small” fire. The aftermath of any fire is a big deal. The smoke, heat, soot, odor, extinguisher powder, and water from a fire will not only affect the known structure and contents of your home or business, but will reach areas not normally visible to an untrained eye. Woodard's Fire Damage Restoration team has the most capable people to address and mitigate any fire related damage quickly and expertly.

Post-Fire Smoke & Water Damage

The fire may be out but the remaining problems caused by smoke, odor, and water damage are not. Often, the smoke, heat, and soot damage along with the water used to extinguish the fire causes the most damage. Smoke, soot, odor, and other particulates from the fire cling to everything in sight, penetrating walls, crawl spaces, attics, duct work, and flooring, leaving behind a much larger issue than the source of the fire. To minimize secondary effects of fire and water damage, professional restoration services are critical.

24/7 Emergency Response & Board-Up Services

Employing the latest fire restoration technologies and techniques, we’re able to mitigate the fire and water damage to the structure; inventory, pack out, deodorize and restore your contents, and even provide complete construction services. Plus, our unwavering commitment to satisfaction, assistance with the insurance claims process, and unmatched industry standards guarantee you’ll get the assistance you need, the moment you need it.

Boarding up your property immediately upon damage is supremely important to ensure that it receives no additional damage. Any rainfall that may take place would cause water damage in addition to your existing fire damage, and you certainly don’t want any outside critters entering your facility. Further, it is important to secure your property against theft or additional damage, and our board-up services provide this added peace of mind.

You can’t plan for the unexpected, but you can depend on our trusted team of fire damage restoration professionals to be ready to tackle any job, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. For emergency response services throughout St. Louis, call our 24/7 emergency response service line at 314-227-3930.


Post-fire, smoke, soot, chemical particulates, and water damage leave behind unpleasant and potentially hazardous odors.

Every fire is different, but they all develop soot and odors based upon what burned. Some can be overpowering, creating a harsh environment that is no longer suitable for living or working. Plus, when a substantial amount of water is used to extinguish a fire, water mitigation services are necessary to reduce secondary damage and the potential for mold and mildew growth. We have a team of experts who specialize in mitigating mold, and we can certainly help to remove mold and treat against additional growth.

Woodard has the certified deodorization experience, equipment, and solutions necessary to eliminate the source of foul odors. Our team carefully evaluates what was burned and investigates the source of the odor, working quickly to remedy the problem through the use of trained deodorization techniques.

Pack Out Services

Pack-Out Services

After a fire, some contents need to be removed, cleaned, and deodorized to prevent further damage.

Woodard’s team of fire damage restoration technicians take inventory and carefully pack-out all salvageable contents. At our ContentCare Center® (CCC), your contents will be professionally deodorized, cleaned and stored until your home or business is ready to house them again. From delicate crystal to large appliances and everything in between, all of your valuables are handled with the utmost care and consideration. In addition, our team can take a disposal inventory of any non-salvageable contents, in order to assist with the replacement process.

Content Restoration

Content Cleaning

Woodard’s state-of-the-art ContentCare Center® incorporates the industry’s leading lines of equipment and workflow processes.

When quick and efficient pack-out services are coupled with the best content cleaning services available, our highly trained technicians guarantee fast, consistent care and restoration services. From our deodorizing ozone chambers and large ultrasonic cleaning area, to our electronics and upholstery treatment facilities, industrial wash bays, and careful hand-cleaning processes, the Woodard Fire Restoration team ensures the most thorough cleaning possible. After cleaning and deodorizing your items, we’ll keep them safe in our secure climate controlled warehouse until you are ready to move back into your home or business.

Document Drying

Our advanced document drying and restoration program can restore many critical documents.

Whether your damaged documents are freeze-dried for preservation and restoration, or dried and reprocessed in our ContentCare Center® under controlled heat and humidity, we’ll rescue them and return them to you clean and dry. Of course, all documents remain private and confidential.

Debris Removal

From full-scale removal of large, damaged structures to pulling up fire and water-damaged flooring, drywall or plaster, our team is ready to serve.

Crumbling drywall, damaged sub-floors, and exposed insulation and construction materials can leave a huge mess after a fire. We do more than simply clean carpets, rugs, and furniture; our team takes care of all the demolition and debris removal in your home or business safely and quickly so any needed mitigation or construction services can begin in timely manner.

If you live in BridgetonMackenzieWarson WoodsSaint CharlesFairview HeightsWaterlooWood River, JerseyvilleHouse SpringsSaint ClairAffton, or any other city in the St. Louis or Eastern Missouri area, contact Woodard Restoration for our fire damage restoration services. Call us today at 314-227-3930. We'll completely restore your property from any kind of fire damage.

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