Water Damage & Fire Restoration Services in Collinsville, IL

When disaster strikes, homes and establishments may sustain damages that are too severe for homeowners or businesses to repair themselves. These unfortunate situations are where professional cleaners and restorers come in. With specialized knowledge, training, and equipment, they can restore homes and commercial spaces back to normal, as if no disaster ever took place.

Recovering from man-made or natural disasters can take time and effort. Fortunately, homeowners and business owners don’t have to pick up the pieces on their own. Professional cleaners and restorers are there to assist you with your damaged homes and buildings because the last thing you need is the added stress of cleaning up and restoring your space.

Trust Woodard, with over 70 years of restoration and cleaning experience, we promise to provide quality service for your home or business establishment. With our certified professional cleaners and restorers, you can expect to get your home or commercial space back, good as new.

Residential and Commercial Restoration and Cleaning Services in Collinsville, Illinois

Woodard caters to Collinsville, Illinois residents and business owners for all their restoration needs. Damage restoration may include water, fire, flood, storm, and even tornado damages. The company offers full construction services from roof repairs to fixture updates, everything your restoration project needs.

We are available 24/7 for emergency response in Collinsville, IL and surrounding areas.. Just contact Woodard at our emergency and customer care service number: 314-227-3930.


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Collinsville, Illinois City Hall and Fire Department

Located in the Madison County area, Collinsville is a city, with over 25,000 residents and the proud home of the world’s largest ketchup bottle. This quirky city also has the distinction of being the “Horseradish Capital of the World”, albeit self-proclaimed, as it’s been said that the city produces 85% of the entire world’s horseradish. It’s no wonder that the city celebrates their annual Horseradish Festival with great enthusiasm. Many activities are held during the festivities with pageants, music festivals, and of course, root-grinding demonstrations.