Water Damage & Fire Restoration Services in Chesterfield, MO

When disasters strike, you will find yourself facing not only the challenges of the occurrence, but also the aftermath of such an event. Floods, fires, and storms can stress a person out while it is happening, and this stress can get carried over to when you need to clean up and repair what is left. You can alleviate the added stress that cleaning and repairing brings by trusting in a company that can do all of your cleaning, repairing, and restoring for you.

Find Help for Cleaning and Restoration in Chesterfield, MO

Should you need a help in cleaning up your home or your office in the Chesterfield, MO area after a disaster, there is one company that can help you with these, and that is Woodard 24/7. We are a business that has been helping people clean, repair, and restore homes as well as offices for over 70 years. Our company has the tools and the people with the skills who can assist you with your cleanup and restoration needs.

Services Offered

We offer a wide range of services that include cleaning and restoration after disasters occur. Aside from these, we also have other general services that you can contact us for. These include tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning services, and furniture and upholstery cleaning, among others.

For your inquiries, and for more information, you can call us at 314-300-9567. You can also leave us a message through our Contact Us page.


Learn About Chesterfield, MO

Chesterfield, Missouri

Chesterfield is a city in the county of St. Louis in Missouri, and is the 14th largest city in the state. The city was incorporated in 1988, and was considered a sub-region of St. Louis’ western area before then. It was through the efforts of residents that got the city incorporated after a few years of trying to get this done.

Today, Chesterfield is a thriving city that boasts of numerous businesses, educational institutions, and tourist attractions. Visitors to the city can check out the Butterfly House, the Kemp Auto Museum, EB Games Amusement and Theme Park, and the historical village.

To get to Chesterfield, you can take Interstate 64, Missouri Route 340, and Missouri Route 141. You can also get to the city via the Spirit of St. Louis Airport, or by Central Midland Railway. You can get around the city by bus, or if you drove over, you can explore the area by car.

Customer Reviews from Chesterfield
Neil from Chesterfield, MO
4.5 Stars
Apr 3rd, 2017
Job well done. Courteous and efficient
Nancy N. from Chesterfield, MO
5 Stars
Feb 12th, 2017
Responded quickly and got the problem taken care of.
Dr. Robert Taylor from Chesterfield, MO
5 Stars
Dec 4th, 2016
Thanks for a great job!
Charles W from Chesterfield, MO
5 Stars
Jun 29th, 2016
Woodard did an OUTSTANDING job for us, on a very tight time-table. Could not be more pleased.
Case Studies in Chesterfield, MO
Fire Protection District – Chesterfield, MO Treated with nVIRO Shield Fire Protection District – Chesterfield, MO Treated with nVIRO Shield
Woodard reached out to the Deputy Chief of a local fire protection district to introduce the nVIRO Shield™ system and apply the system to two of their reserve units.