Water Damage Restoration and Inspection Process

Woodard technician extracting water

Water Damage Restoration Crew
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Woodard Restoration offers these complete water damage restoration services as part of our water damage restoration process to clean up and remove water immediately to prevent secondary mold damage and structural damage.

We'll provide you with a FREE inspection, determine the best water cleanup method, and provide you with a free service estimate. Plus, we work directly with your insurance company to bill for our services. Contact us today to dispatch our water damage restoration team to your property in our St. Louis service area.

  • Total inspection – Our restoration professionals will perform a complete investigation of the water damage on your property. We will examine the damage done and determine the best strategy to follow.
  • Water source shutdown – Before we are able to provide mitigation services, customer must determine the source of the water and shut it off. Once water source has been stopped, we are able to begin the extraction, drying, and cleaning process.
  • Floodwater containment – After ensuring that the water source will no longer flood the area, we will contain the existing floodwater. This is an important step which makes sure the floodwater will not spread to other areas of the house or building, where it can wreak havoc on floors, walls, furnishings, appliances, and other household items.
  • Water extraction – The next step in the water damage restoration process is extracting the water from the property. First, we will bring in our water pumps to drain the majority of the floodwater from the property. Although your home or building may already look dry after this procedure, the process is still not complete because of the minute amounts of water and moisture still remaining on your floors and walls. We will use air moving machines to evaporate the water, and we will also use dehumidifiers to counter the additional moisture being introduced into the air due to the water evaporation process. Evaporation and dehumidification will be performed while indoor temperatures are maintained at ideal levels.
  • Disinfection and cleanup – Decontamination and deodorization of the property follows the water extraction procedure. The remaining dirt and debris will be collected and disposed of, and disinfection will be performed to prevent mold and microorganism infestation.
  • Repair and reconstruction – Our construction professionals will repair all the physical and cosmetic damage sustained on your property.
  • Contents restoration – While your home or building is being cleaned and restored, we can also move your water disaster-affected belongings to our special facility for contents restoration. All items that can still be saved will be cleaned and restored before being moved back into your property once it is ready to once again be inhabited.
  • Final inspection – To complete our water damage restoration process, we will perform a final inspection of your property. Using moisture meters, our restoration professionals will inspect the different areas of your house, or building, to make sure that it is completely dry. Our engineers and technicians will also inspect the completed restoration work to ensure its quality and safety. We will also invite you to review all of the finished work so that you can let us know that everything has been done according to your expectations and satisfaction.

Water Damage Inspection 

Our technicians provide FREE water damage inspections of your residential or commercial property and accurately assess the nature and the extent of the water damage.

  • Identify the Source of the Flooding 
  • Determine Water Sanitation Category
  • Determine the Extent of the Damage 
  • Classify Damages 

Water Removal, Cleanup and Restoration

After the inspection, estimate and water cleanup solution is determined, our technicians begin the process of water removal, followed by water damage mitigation and water damage restoration to return your property to pre-loss condition.

Water Removal – The water damage restoration process starts with water removal: flood water removal and sewage water removal and applicance water removal. Woodard Restoration’s state-of-the-at truck mounted equipment removes large amounts of flood water quickly by hundreds of thousands of gallons.

Water Damage Mitigation – After water removal, Woodard Restoration will determine the water damage mitigation method needed depending on the extent of water damage and the water sanitation category or class of water damage. We then use industrial dehumidifiers, high-powered fans and thermal imaging to quickly dry and restore your structure.

Water Damage Restoration – In the final step to restore your home or business to its pre-water damaged condition, Woodard Restoration uses IICRC S500 standards to repair, rebuild, and restore your property providing our services as a fully licensed construction company and water damage restoration in Texas.

Woodard Restoration will bill your insurance provider directly for our water damage restoration services. Most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover the cost of water damage removal services and water damage restoration. Contact us today to start the water damage restoration process. And ask about all of our construction and remodeling services to restore your home or business.

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Woodard restored an 18-story apartment building in St. Louis after a HVAC pipe burst.
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The Problem: A Kirkwood home was damaged due to a tree falling through the roof above an upstairs bedroom. The homeowner hired a contractor to repair the damages and due to the length of this project, mold developed throughout the entire home.
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